If you are based in Bristol or looking to create an animation in Bristol, this article is for you. It is a signpost to help you find the leading Animation Companies in Bristol.

In recent years, Bristol has become a really good place to produce animation.  Bristol has a healthy number of animation companies and studios. Most noticeably Aardman Animations which is a world class, Oscar winning, studio producing movies that rival Pixar and Dreamworks. Another well-known and award winning studio is 422, which mainly focuses on film and TV quality production. 422 is based on Whiteladies Road , conveniently situated next to the BBC (which happens to be good customer of 422).

Alongside these big studios are numerous smaller animation studios, each specialising in different areas of animation. There are also a large number of freelance animators peppered throughout Bristol. All these creative companies contribute to Bristol’s creative industry which employs approximately 9,000 people and makes up 12% of all businesses in the city. With all this creativity and skill, Bristol has the capability to produce a very wide variety of animation. We, at Beanbox, are very pleased to be part of this creative community.

So depending on your need, we recommend the following.


3D Architectural visualisation




3D Product visualisation




Medical visualisation



Visual FX



2D animation


Sun and Moon Studios


Stop motion animation

Aardman Animation