What does it cost?

This will depend on the nature and complexity of the project.

Single still image of products (from 3D models), around £250 – £750.

2D animations/motion graphic, between £250- £1250.

3D Animations (small projects), between £1500 – £4000.

3D Animations (medium projects), between £4000-£10000

3D Animations (large projects), £10000+

Video editing / presentation content creation, typically around £500-£1000.


How long does a typical animation or visualisation project take?

This will depend on the nature and complexity of the project but as a rough guideline;

Single image product visualisation or illustration (from 3D models) can take between 1 to 5days to complete.

Animations can take anything between 3 days to a few months to complete.

Video editing / presentation content creation can take between 1 day to 1 week to complete.


What can I animate/visualise?

This will depend on your timescale and budget but, as a rough rule of thumb, we can animate and visualise anything that you can imagine. Anything from real life objects to conceptual designs to mythical creations.

We can replicate real life objects (such as your company’s products) and animate things that are impossible to do in real life.

We can visualise non existing concept designs to help you sell or understand your ideas more effectively.

We can create stunning motion graphics to strengthen your brand.


So how does the animation/visualisation process work?

Simple. Contact us for a chat. Give us your brief. We will brainstorm ideas with you then create storyboards to help you visualise the concept. At key stages, we will give you updates to allow you to check the direction of your project. This will allow you to control the quality, time scale and your budget.


What is required from me?

Not much. It all depends on how much input and how hands on you want to be. After your brief, we will handle the rest. At key points in the projects, we will require your attention to sign off and provide feedback. You may be required to send us some graphics (unique graphics such as company branding).