Product animation to showcase a suite of safety devices for eVTOLs in the event of a force landing.

The suite consists of 5 elements and weighs just 100 pounds. At whatever height the emergency occurs, the system is launched at 60 to 90 feet per second, and the integrated helium balloon-parachute system forces a rapid opening of the canopy. The balloon filling with helium is activated automatically within 1 second when the system is launched.

At about 20 to 30 feet, AVCP’s single retro-rocket motor with four sideways-canted exit nozzles integrated into the parachute cable fires for about 2 seconds.

At the same time, AVCP’s small, lightweight, basketball-sized airbags are inflated.

At the moment of impact, AVCP’s stroking, shock absorbing seats, as used in armoured vehicles for blast acceleration protection, are available to provide additional cushioning if required, and after landing, the balloon remains aloft to prevent the spent motor falling to the ground and creating a hazard.
Crushable, energy absorbing structures under the seat and within the aircraft structure can provide final reserve protection. At very low altitudes such as 0 to 15 feet, where the active system cannot
deploy fast enough to become fully effective,