Data Destruction destroys your unwanted electronic data, where ever and whenever you want.

Our specially designed mobile unit travels to your premises and destroys HDD’s, SSD’s, memory sticks and phones, quickly and completely.

We mill, record and certify, all on site, leaving your chain of custody complete and your unwanted data as dust.

This is how our milling process works.
Devices are hand fed to the machine.
And this important step is filmed on CCTV for your record.

Each device continues along the conveyor belt, its barcode is scanned, and the device photographed before the milling process begins.

The barcode data and the photograph are stored to provide a complete “Chain of Custody to Destruction” audit trail.

After scanning, the device is hammer milled into un-recoverable fragments.

The process is quick, clean and complete. In seconds, the device has gone from “data to dust”.

Any worries about chain of custody and loss of critical data are mitigated completely by the on-site process.

If you really want to, you can watch the process and witness the destruction of your data right before your eyes.

Data Destruction is fully insured for any data loss. In the unlikely event of a breach of any data in our care, you can rest assured that you are also covered.

So, whether you are East coast or West coast, Data Destruction can travel to your premises and destroy your unwanted data on site.

For more information on how we can help, click on the link below or call us and let us turn your data to dust.