3D and 2D explainer animation for the Hi-Fly science project.

Earth Observation, Telecommunication and Science and Exploration satellites play an important role in our everyday lives by transmitting data, used in applications from weather forecasting and disaster monitoring to telecommunications, around the globe.
As a growing number of innovative products and services are developed based on space based data there is increasing demand for faster and more reliable access to the data collected on-board satellites.
Management of this data on-board spacecraft is realised by networked systems that process, store, compress and optimise data for onward transmission.
Collectively these systems make up the on-board data chain. Hi-FLY aims to develop and validate the next generation of innovative data chain technologies with the objective of remarkably improving the speed and efficiency of on-board data processing and data transfer to ground.
To achieve this goal, Hi-FLY will produce enhanced data chain modules including:
– High performance on-board networks.
– Payload data processing technology.
– On-board data compression unit.
– Payload data integrity algorithms.
– On-board high-speed data storage.
– And optical and Radio Frequency downlinks.

The modules will be holistically designed to support end to end data rates 5x higher than existing data chains in the near term and will have the potential to support even higher rates in the future. This will substantially increase the volume of data that can be supported in future Earth Observation and Telecommunications missions.