Motion Graphics Animation to explain what GMT is.


GMT is a comprehensive set of training resources that bring together all the components of employee competency, including key areas such as safety, environmental protection, flawless operations, technology, and profitability.

Proper identification or “mapping” of  ‘what it takes to do the job’ is a key part of the GMT process.  This mapping of specific skills to specific jobs ensures we deliver the training needed for each person in each role in our organization.  These requirements can vary by site – so this mapping process  is sufficiently flexible to allow tailoring to each site’s configuration and organizational design.

Once the competencies for each job are set, a training plan for each employee is constructed.

Each supervisor develops their group’s training plans working with their direct reports to ensure that each individual has  a role in defining their individual training plan.

GMT training is delivered through a computer based platform called  WebCAT that was developed specifically for delivery and administration of GMT training tools.  Webcat is designed to be   flexible, allowing the different training needs of individuals, teams, and sites to be efficiently and effectively met, yet structured enough to ensure our overall training goals are achieved.