This animation was created to support the marketing campaign for Pallet Scan. This 3D product animation explains what the Pallet Scan system is, how it works and the key features.

Pallet Scan is a vehicle barcode scanner system. The principle of the system is to scan all the barcodes on the pallets as the vehicle enters a warehouse. Following the unloading and reloading of the vehicle, the barcodes on the pallet are again scanned when the vehicle exits the warehouse. This gives a complete audit trail of those pallets that enter and exit the shed which also determines those pallets still left in the warehouse. The data provided by the system can then be fed into the customers own Data Processing system.

When the vehicle drives up to the scanning arch the Bar-Code capture process will be triggered (there are a number of mechanisms that can be used to trigger the process). As the trailer is driven through the arch, each camera will capture and process in the region of 21 images per second. Once the trailer has driven through the arch each image is processed and a log is kept of each unique bar-code processed.

Trailer-Cam will take images along the length of the trailer so an overall layout of the trailer can be captured.

Each Client PC is connected to a bank of 4 Cameras. The client is responsible for the image processing of the images its own cameras supply. All results are then sent to the Server PC for logging and reporting. These reports are then available to the customer for further data processing within there own internal systems.

The whole scanning process takes about 20 secs.