Wellsite safety incidents are a major reason for NPT in wireline operations, putting personnel at risk and costing the oil and gas industry millions of $ per year.

Cables are a leading cause of wellsite incidents, with the International Association of Drilling contractors naming them as responsible for most wellsite slips, trips and falls.

Damage to cables present their own costs. In a recent year’s operations, replacement cables cost Baker Hughes reached over $325,000!

So we asked the question: What if cables could be cut out completely?

Developed in partnership with Baker Hughes, Strainstall’s load monitoring innovation for wireline replaces cables with wireless technology.

Ideal for onshore and offshore operations our solution not only transforms wellsite safety and cost-efficiency, but minimises NPT from rigging up.

While cabled systems can take 12.5 hours to rig up, going wireless reduces this by up to 70%.

Existing systems are also typically fitted on the bottom sheave to avoid cable damage, even though top sheave connection is proven to increase measurement accuracy.

Owing to its wireless design, our solution allows top sheave connection to deliver improved data accuracy without the drawbacks.

Together with its high frequency transmission and on board data storage, this enables IoT-style operations that deliver immediate data insights.

Real-time data sharing from any location.

Improved remote management of partners and service suppliers.

And the post-analysis of data to develop future operations.

All this combined helps create a digital oil field of superior safety and cost-efficiency.

Yet there is no need for operators to change their set up to gain the benefits of digitalisation.

With its plug in and play design, our solution integrates seamlessly into almost any existing configuration, as well as with all third party Ex-rated sensors.

This surpasses the industry standard for set-up speed and ease-of-use, improving asset performance without disrupting operations.

Designed to withstand the most challenging environments, our technology is hazardous area Zone 1 certified by ATEX and IECex. It is also Norsok compliant and detonator safe – as tested by Franklin Applied Physics.

Going beyond wireline, our wireless solution redefines operations monitoring for a range of applications including digital slickline and pressure transducers, delivering the benefits of digitalisation across the entire well intervention process.

Strainstall has over 50 years’ experience in developing asset load and integrity monitoring innovations for the oil and gas sectors. These enhance the safety and performance of high-value assets – from land rigs to FSOs, FPSOs and semisubmersible floating platforms.

As part of the James Fisher and Sons group – which serves a range of high-assurance industries including the oil and gas, defence and marine industries –  we have built a worldwide network to support our solutions.

With this, you can rest assured that our engineers are on hand to help… whenever and wherever you need them.