The third in a series of product animation for X-pole.

This animation was designed to be shown globally so no specific language was used. Universal symbols and icons were used to explain the key features and benefits of the product;

1) Portable. Ability to take the stage anywhere, functional on any surface.
2) No Fixing Points. The stage does not have to be anchored or weighted down.
3) X-Joint. The x-joint is our patented way of securing the pole and making it sturdy and fit for use.
4) Range of Finishes The stage comes in 6 different finishes. Chrome, Stainless Steel, Titanium Gold, Brass, Silicone and Powder Coated.
5) Range of Diameter 40mm and 45mm.
6) Pack into smaller sections. The stage base (carry case with wheels). Stage plates and pole break down into separate carry cases.
7) Spinning & Static. Our stages offer the static and spinning functionality in all finishes and diameters.
8) 1600mm dancing area. Large dancing area so dancers can develop their floor work.
9) Rounded edges. Only product on the market that offers a rounded stage, meaning no edges to catch skin or clothing.
10)Extension legs stability. Provide extra stability when performing vigorous moves and tricks.