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At BeanBox, we believe every business, large or small, should be able to use high-end 3D animation to clearly communicate their messages and ideas. Animation should not be the reserve of big companies with big advertising budgets.

Our mission is to make high-end 3D animation affordable to all businesses.

At Beanbox, we take the same techniques used in the film industry but strip out as many unnecessary stages as possible to keep quality high but minimise production time and costs.

So why choose our Animation Company in the UK?

Many animation companies in the UK focus on creating 2D animation to keep costs low. We believe 2D animation alone is too limiting. As one of the trusted animation studios in the UK, we focus on making 3D animation more affordable.

So if you are searching for the best Animation studio in the UK? You can choose us!

How We Do It

We offer two work packages; Budget and High End.

The Budget work package is for businesses with smaller budgets (typically £1000- £4000) or have a tight deadline (typically less than 1 month). This work package uses the simplest possible animation method to optimise production speed and minimise costs.

The High End work package is for businesses with larger budgets (typically £4,000+). The animation process is much more powerful and flexible. This allows for greater render quality, more complex animation, more creative freedom, special effects, voice over and music. Typical project length is greater than one month.

So, choose us as your animated video production company to get the best results!

What We Do

We are an Animation Production Company in the UK. BeanBox specialise in high end 3D product animation and visualization. We have access to a list of top Animator in the UK, so we are able to create a wide variety and style of animation from 2D motion graphics to VFX.

BeanBox is also an affordable 3D modelling company. We create 3D digital models for the use in many different applications, including 3D printing.

Creative Design and Concepts


3D and 2D Animation, Product Animation, Service Animation

Motion Graphics, Stings, Bumpers, Animated 3D logos

Architectural Visualisation, Fly thrus

3D Exhibition, Event set, POS designs

3D modeling for product visualisation, 2D illustration, games, apps, web content.

Searching for an Animation Studios near me? We are based in London and Wiltshire (near Bristol and Bath).

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