3D visualisation in the UK is getting increasing more popular with businesses. Most 3d Animation Studios the UK now provide some product visualization service. But what is product visualization?

This article is about 3D Product Animation and Visualisation; what they are, how they are used and why they are so good (and damn sexy!). We at BeanBox love watching and making 3D Product Animation and Visualisation! We think it’s a great way to really sell a product if it’s done properly.

This article will also list our favourite 3D Product Animations and Visualizations. This list will be constantly updated as we continually scour the web for gorgeous and creative 3D Product Animations.

So what is 3D Product Animation/Visualisation?

In its simplest form, it is a straight forward 3D rotating view of a product to allow the viewer to really study the project. However, 3D Product Animation/Visualisation can be so much more engaging, exciting and enjoyable to watch with a bit of creativity and attention to detail.


The really good high end product animations or visualisations tell a story or message in the most eye catching and creative way possible. They can take you into another world or even to the smallest internal world of the product. If executed well, Product Animations and Visualisations can turn a seemingly boring product into a very desirable object. We will show you some great examples later!

So why 3D Product Animation and not 2D Product Animation?

The answer is simple, though there are some 2D Product Animations, the majority are done in 3D because 3D allows for the greatest creative flexibility. It allows the creator to pretty much visualise anything!!!

3D is also better in creating the photorealistic look that most clients look for. At the same time, 3D can create a much wider range of stylistic looks.

There is, of course, a price to pay with 3D and that is…the price. With greater flexibility come greater costs.

However, this is not a discussion between 3D vs 2D. Infact, the best 3D Product Animation or Visualisation use 2D animation to compliment the 3D animation.
And in turn, this is not a discussion between Animation and Live Footage! Again, the best 3D Product Animation can use 3D and 2D animation embedded into Live Footage.


So how are 3D Product Animation and Visualisation used?


Again, in its simplest form which is a rotating Product Visualisation, it allows the user to really view the product from all angles.


The majority of 3D Product Animation will be used to explain how a product works or its key features and benefits.


With good use of camera and lighting, a 3D Product Visualisation can create a sexy/sophisticated mood to help sell the product.

The best 3D Product Animation, however, use very complex animation, beautiful art and direction, and creative storytelling to create a fantasy world where the impossible becomes believable. Click here to see 3d Animation Companies London that have created beautiful 3D product animation.

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