We provide product animation and visualisation services for both products and services.

Product Animation is the process of using 3D computer animation to bring a product to life.

Product visualisation is the process of using CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) for creating beautiful 2D still images.

3D product animation offers unlimited flexibility. We use cutting edge 3D technology to produce photorealistic renders that will bring your design and concept to life. 3D animation is the best tool for explaining complex ideas because it can be used to show the impossible.

Here are some examples:

Use exploded views, cutaways and x-ray views to show intricate parts in detail and how they work

Show how ideas and concepts can work before prototype or manufacturing stage

Create walk-throughs of a design

Show material, colour variations and finishes

Demonstrate multiple configurations or applications

Place products in any environment, real or fictional, benign or hostile

Visualise fluid flow

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Photographing a physical prototype can be time consuming, limiting, and expensive. Our product visualisation service overcomes these problems by being cost effective, flexible to change and fast.

Product visualisation can produce perfect looking photoreal products that traditional photography cannot. For this reason, product visualisation is the prefer option for advertising, packshot, point of sale, product brochures and technical manuals.

Product visualisation is flexible to change. This allows industrial designers and marketers to explore new design concepts, bring ideas to life or showcase new products. Material, colour, surface finish, shape and forms of the product can be visualised and finalised before the manufacturing process.

Product visualisation can visualise the impossible. This includes cutaways and exploded views.

Product visualisation gives pixel perfect control. This is important when you want to manipulate images (such as product configurators). Imperfect alignment will result in jumpy images. Pixel perfect control is difficult to achieve using traditional photography.

Perfect lighting and camera control because CGI is used instead of a real physical studio.

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Every project is tailored to your marketing and branding needs

Fixed pricing

Clear and simple process

Simple revision and change request system

Fast response times

On Time Delivery

Dedicated project manager

UK based office

Easy remote working setup

Clients in the UK, EU, Middle East and Australia

Extensive science and engineering experience

Extensive product launch experience

Extensive architectural experience

Experience with many different styles of animation

2D, 3D and white board animation

Specialist software for fast terrain generation for any location in the world

Physic and particle simulations

Complex machinery rigging

Script writing service

Voice Over recording service

Storyboard and concept development service

Can import native 3D CAD models to lower project costs

Free access to large library of 3D models to lower project costs

Advanced character modelling and animation

People/crowd simulation

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