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Use Explainer Videos to quickly explain what you want to say in less than 2 minutes. This will keep your traffic on your website for longer and increase conversion.

What influences people to choose your brand over others? It’s clear and precise marketing material. A clear message will encourage your clients to pick your product over your competitors. At BeanBox, a leading Explainer Video Company in the UK, we understand this. We offer a solution to showcase your product’s features/functionality via video. Explainer videos can convey your brand message to your potential customers quickly and easily.

At BeanBox, we create high end 3D and 2D “How it works” Explainer Video for in the UK. Other companies only focus on low end 2D Explainer Videos. Our Explainer Videos are not made from templates but custom made to fit around your key messages. For this reason, our costs are slightly higher but you will get a well-designed and unique video.

Please take a look at some of our 3D and 2D Explainer Videos then contact us for a chat.

2D Explainer Animation
Starts at £500

Great for explaining what your service is
and how it works.
Includes voice over and music.
Mainly used on home page.

3D Explainer Animation
Starts at £1500

Great for explaining how your product works
and its benefits and features.
With or without voice over.
Used on website, exhibition and sales presentation.

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